JBL 2226H recone

A few photos taken to illustrate the process

Old and new cone. This driver was damaged when the amplifier driving it had an output stage failure, putting 70VDC across the voicecoil.

Basket during cleanup. Notice the masking tape which is keeping rubbish out of the already cleaned voicecoil gap.

Remains of the spider can be seen in this photo. The surround has already been removed. MEK is used for the clean up.

Magnet assembly after cleanup. Here you can see the faraday ring and the cusps on the pole piece.

Shim used to align voice coil.

The shim is used to align the cone assembly while the glue dries on the surround and spider.

The gasket and dust cap were then glued on (after removing the shim of course!) and the driver was ready for use.

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