The Electronics

The Pre-Pro is a Yamaha RX-V657. In bypass mode, essentially only the volume control is in the signal path and two channel audio is reproduced with utmost fidelity. For movies, the RX-V657 does an excellent job a decoding the surround sound tracks. The internal amplifier channels are not used.

The crossover between the bass and Unities is carried out by a Behringer DCX2496. I was delighted to hear that a competitively priced digital loudspeaker controller had been released, but was initially weary of it's performance. I can confirm the fact that the unit does sound very good, with no audible artefacts when compared to the analogue crossover it replaced. Levels must be carefully set to optimise the dynamic range of the unit, but this is the same as any digital processor. I am very happy with my purchase, and would not hesitate to use one in a future system. It is easy to program and the sound is excellent. People who say they are hearing artefacts from this unit in a pro system are doing something wrong. It disappears in my audio system. The ability to store and quickly recall a number of different system configurations is a bonus.

The Unity horns are powered by an Australian Monitor 1K2. These are some of the very best amplifiers available at any price, and are used extensively in recording studios world wide. The amplifiers are capable of 400WRMS per channel into 8 ohms, 600WRMS per channel into 4 Ohms and 700WRMS per channel into 2 Ohms. Sadly these Australian Monitor amplifiers are no longer available. They became a victim of these lean economic times. I am lucky enough to own two excellent examples that should last me for a long time to come.

Low frequencies are handled by a QSC PLX3602. This amplifier drives the bass section of my system and is capable of 1250WRMS per channel into the four ohm load the speakers present. It is capable of 1800WRMS per channel into 2 ohms. This amplifier is a two tier class H design that uses a switching power supply. The amplifier is very light and generates little heat. Sound quality is excellent.

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